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“Shane responded to my voicemail on a day off & organised the same day to come and view my numerous stumps and branches that needed removing. He then very kindly squeezed me in the next day, even though it meant going outside normal working hours. Shane’s grinding machine is fantastic. He doesn’t just take off the top of the tree stump, he goes all the way down to the roots, making a big hole underground so you can be sure it will not regrow. Then he fills it all back in afterwards. The machine used for chopping up our tree branches was enormous and a HUGE amount of trees and branches (pretty decent sized tree trunks I might add) were chopped up into mulch in no time at all. Very friendly team Shane has working with him. Shane is absolutely lovely & a very hard worker. I highly recommend him. “ claire71

“The Tree and Stump Eaters began humbly 15 years ago today we are an ever growing family business and one of the leaders in professional tree care with numerous dedicated and fully qualified employees.”  shane b11